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The Lone Star Veteran: A New Online Outdoors Experience

Welcome to The Lone Star Veteran, Texas' newest online outdoor adventure magazine. We are a Veteran-owned outfit that was originally Big Charlie Foxtrots, a coffee dealer for Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC.)

Shawn USAF

I am Shawn Presley, a United States Air Force veteran from the Fort Worth, Texas, area. After a break of several years, I returned to school and completed a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing. As I am nearing the finish line, I am left to wonder what I will do with this degree.

Inspired by Free Range American and Coffee or Die, I decided to take my writing outdoors. For the past few months, I researched, collected gear, started practicing with my camera, and prepared. In this preparation, I realized I needed a partner to work independently and in collaboration. I considered my available choices, and that is when I realized that my partner was beside me all along.

David Fun Runner

My son, David Presley, is the second-in-command at The Lone Star Veteran. Like many young adults in his generation, David was uncertain about what he wanted to do when he graduated high school in 2022. Since he was a baby, he always loved water, especially the sea. For the longest time, he wanted to be a marine biologist. However, he was forced to abandon that dream during middle and high school, as he struggled mightily with the necessary math and science that one would need to get the required degrees to be a marine biologist. As it turned out, he's a lot like his father.

Born with a natural talent for the camera, David is considering degree pursuits in some combination of English, Journalism, Photo Journalism, or Photography. Whereas I am more the Free Range American and Coffee or Die, David is more National Geographic with his developing writing and photography.

Together, we bring you The Lone Star Veteran.



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